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                         Arlington General Employees Association

                                           All of us working together!


The Arlington General Employees Association is a State chartered, locally recognized organization of Arlington County General Employees, spouses, families and interested persons, which advocates for employees in the areas of benefits and compensation. "AGENA" as the organization is commonly referred to, is a tax-exempt 501c (4) organization which has represented Arlington County General Employees for more than a decade.

AGENA works closely with other employee groups, including AFSCME, ALIANZA, Uniformed Employees and ACREA, which represents Arlington County Retirees, but AGENA remains the largest Arlington County Government employee organization. AGENA's members are represented by an executive board which is comprised of members who are nominated and elected at our annual meeting. The Executive Board is comprised of employees who are volunteers, and do not receive commissions or compensation for the work they do on behalf of the Association.

This means our advocacy and advice to you is completely based on what we believe is best for our members. AGENA is committed to fostering positive relationships with Arlington County Government, Community leaders and those whose roles may impact us, based on honesty, prompt service and results. We use the best research and technology available.

Our strength is in our numbers and our commitment to our longterm goals. If you have questions or would like to discuss the benefits of belonging to AGENA, we'd be happy to help.

Some of our primary concerns involve:

Benefits and Compensation 

  • Understanding your benefits and options
  • Insurance costs
  • Retirement concerns
  • Investment seminars
  • 401(k) and IRA Plans


  • Pension Board
  • Employee Council representation
  • County Manager and County Board

Continuing Education

  • Benefits
  • Health Insurance